Seeing From God's Perspective


It’s easy to become completely wrapped up in my own small sphere of family, work, and responsibilities. There are times this is necessary and not a bad thing. That is where I’ve been and perhaps because of this hyper-focus the following felt like a wake-up call.

The Story is Bigger Than Yourself.
“Your prayers play a critical role in the harvest of souls. Destiny is not about you, but rather a purpose God has positioned you for that is bigger than yourself. You are entering into and inheriting a six thousand year labor of prophets, martyrs, reformers, and missionaries who came before you.” Lance Wallnau

I’ve always believed I’m here in this place at this time for a purpose. I look around me and can see all kinds of reasons why God has me here now. But I’ve never thought in terms of ‘Destiny’ or a purpose bigger than anything I can imagine. (And I’m pretty good at imagining!)

I can trace my Christian heritage back four generations. But, have I considered the thousands of years that went before that? I should be looking back as well as forward. Going bigger and wider and trying to see from God’s perspective where the past, present, and future all exist at the same time. It’s mind-boggling and makes me feel small. Which is just the opposite of how I should feel.

So how do I reach for a Destiny I can’t see and an inheritance larger than my understanding? I go back to the first sentence in the quote. “Your prayers play a critical role in the harvest of souls.” I remain faithful in prayer and the seeking of His will.

Most days I’m focused on the next hour and the next necessary step. But there will be those precious days when I will remember to look up, and I will marvel that I am invited to be a part of God’s epic story.




10 thoughts on “Seeing From God's Perspective”

  1. Wonderful to hear from you. I have missed you. Please check out my first book in Christian romance novel named Seeing Yourself through My Eyes by Angelica Lilly.

  2. What you wrote has got me thinking more about what we are praying about and who we are praying for each day. Our lives are such a small space in God’s daily view but He still sees us and hears us and cares for us. We should be praising Him in the moments of our days. Each day is a blessing. Thank for sharing your thoughts.

    1. I love how you said, ‘we should be praising Him in the moment of our days.’ The word PRAISE is my word for 2017. And yes, each day IS a blessing from God. Praising Him helps us remember that! Thank you, purplemeri65, for visiting.

    1. I like that, Gary. If that fence is high, will I have the courage to climb it? Will I be willing to act on what God shows me? Or would I rather keep my narrow perspective because it’s ‘safe’ and doesn’t require very much of me. Oh, you got me to thinking. Thank you for stopping by.

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