A Prayer for November 8, 2016

O Lord,

You are the mighty and holy God of the past.

You are the living and righteous God of the present.

You are the omnipotent and eternal God of the future.

You fill today with your presence and already dwell in every tomorrow.

You know the choice our nation will make before Election Day dawns.

You have already woven it into your eternal plan.

You are, and will always be, in control.




4 thoughts on “A Prayer for November 8, 2016”

    1. Linda, I needed to clarify my thoughts about God’s sovereignty and decided to share. Thank you so much for reading it and commenting. May God bless your today and every tomorrow.

        1. Praise God! And, I want you to know your comments have been an answer to prayer for me. The Holy Spirit has been nudging me to be more active on my blog. Knowing that it has been a help to someone is truly encouraging. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

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